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EcoPro is a family owned and operated Pest Control company based in Hollister, California.  Our goal is to provide a quality service that outshines our competition. We have spent years developing customer relations and pride ourselves on service that makes you feel safe. As Bay Area residents, we understand the importance of community and family. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help protect your home and family!

EcoPro Home Pest Control is focused on making the customer feel safe in their own home. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of a corporation with the feel of a small business.

An environmentally responsible approach to Pest Control

We get it! You don't want to share your kitchen with ants, but you don't want harsh chemicals brought into your home. You don't want the wasps buzzing your kids in the yard, but you don't want to risk spraying something that could hurt them or the environment. You want to get rid of your problem in a responsible manner. At EcoPro, we share that same goal. We're a local, family-owned company specializing in low impact pest control. Our focus is to get rid of the problem while minimizing the impact on the environment. We only use low impact products that are both people and pet friendly. 

I’ve been there too. It’s the end of the night, you’re about to settle into bed and you see it. It’s a huge, scary spider crawling on your ceiling. Not only did you miss it with your shoe but, now it's on the floor and surely mad. Great…


We’d all sleep better at night knowing we have done all we could do to maintain a non-infested home. EcoPro Home Pest Control is here for just that, to do all we can do. We pride ourselves on the extended service we provide while maintaining a safe and eco-friendly household. Our solutions take care of the problem with a responsible approach as well as the lowest impact to the environment and your family.

Certifications & Qualifications

Our company is registered with the California State Pest Control Board. All Service Technicians are trained, tested and certified through the PSI learning academy which is the testing provider of the California State Pest Control Board.

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